Brizen Channels

In this section you can find numerous productions Brizen Studio

BRIZEN PORTRAIT -  This section is dedicated to pictures of skateboarder from around the world.

BC Brizen Portrait

BRIZEN INTERVIEW –  In this session the skater has a larger space dedicated to your skateboard, in which we learn a little more of your personality and skills with your skateboard.

BC Brizen Interview

BRIZEN AFTERNOONThe skateboarder is invited to pass an afternoon with Brizen Studio, filming all stuff possible in just few hours.

BC Brizen afternoon

BRIZEN 10 TRICKS - The skater is invited to execute 10 tricks, where he chooses, usually within a period of 1 till 2 days.

BC Brizen 10 tricks 

BRIZEN LIFE – The famous ¨Day in the life¨, the skater is invited to record a day in your life, from the morning until night.

BC Brizen Life

BRIZEN TRICK - The skater has the opportunity to choose a preferred maneuver, running it from several different angles.

BC Brizen trick

BRIZEN COLETÂNEAS – A mixture of footages of various skateboarders, filmed in several different locations.

BC Brizen Coletâneas

BRIZEN LINE – The skater is invited to execute just only one line.

BC Brizen Line

BRIZEN PHOTOS –  This section is devoted to photos of skaters, cities and spots.

BC Brizen Photos




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